Tips for Choosing a Summer Sports or Activity Camp for Your Child

Summer Camps are plentiful but not all will fit with your child’s age, temperament, and the types of skills being developed. Now is the time to contact camp providers and ask questions.


1. Ask Your Child
Asking him or her is a surprisingly simple way to help steer your search.

2. Talk to Their Teachers
Teachers (past and present) may have excellent ideas about what your child would love.

3. Start Your Search
Start with this Kid’s Directory and our website’s expanded list. Reach out to us if you’re looking for a particular type of camp.

4. Get Creative
Summer is “dabble season” – Mini-camps provide the perfect opportunity to try something new. He or she may discover an unexpected new passion.

5. Ask Around
Referrals are helpful, especially when they come from people you trust.

6. Read Reviews
Check websites, Yelp, Google, Facebook, etc. Compare reviews, both the good and the bad, when looking at your options.

7. Contact the Camp Provider
Contact camp staff. Have a list of questions regarding facilities, ratios, activities, costs, food provided, COVID precautions, etc.

Click below for a downloadable PDF version of this list.

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